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"KOSMOS" teabowl was made by Evi Kienast at her pottery workshop in Switzerland in 2000. And since then, "KOSMOS" has gone to many places and she has celebrated many events; weddings, births, deaths, comings and goings in our lives and in the world. We call this: "KOSMOS goes to ..."

Ordinary people like you and me can take this Tea Bowl to places of natural beauty, places of human beauty, places of sacred beauty, and places of human sad-ness. And at these places we can offer A Bowl of Tea for Peace into The Four Directions. With feelings of Appreciation, Reconciliation, and Sad-Joy. And in this way, reflect more deeply about who we are, what we are doing with this gift of precious human birth, and what we want to do with this great treasure.

"KOSMOS" goes to ... ... Well already to VietNam, Tibet, Ganges River, Taiwan, The Kingdom of the Ryukyus, The Land of Dragon Thunder Bhutan, Macchu Pichu, United Nations Plaza in New York, The Borderless Kingdom of Shambhala , the Kwakiutl Homeland on Vancouver Island, Guernica, Notre Dame Cathedral, Rijksmuseum in Holland, Anne Frank House, Mimizuka in Kyoto, Horyu-ji, Tea House openings in Denmark, Bern, and Japan. Nuclear Command World Strike Centre in Louisiana, UNESCO Peace Garden in Paris, Mont Saint Michel, Toscano, Firenze, Japan, and Switzerland. Of course to Evi’s Pottery Workshop, where "KOSMOS" was made and fired 10 years ago.

In the future, "KOSMOS" goes to ... ... maybe to Ausschwitz. Nanking, Xian, and Famen Temple in China. Vulture Peak and Deer Park in India. A Bach organ conzert in Deutschland, The Japanese Concentration Camp at Lemon Creek in British Columbia. Wounded Knee. Hadong in Korea. Kinderdorf in Switzerland. The Aurora Borealis. Lappland. Canyon d’Chelley, Sahara. Plum Village. Ste. Chappelle, The Holy Land, and ......


"This is the flying tea bowl. She can go anywhere."
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